Hi! Welcome to the Commissions page.  :)

Below are a list of available commission types and prices.

Digital paintings are sketched and colored via PainterIX or Photoshop CS and are done with great care and attention to detail -- and if asked of me -- I would be willing to  produce a high quality print of your drawing and have it shipped out to you for a small fee. Acrylic paintings such as Canvas, Illustration Board and Feather paintings are all signed & dated by the artist upon completion and are coated with a thin layer of UV-protective/moisture resistant acrylic finishing spray. Pieces done on Illustration board canbe custom cut to fit any standardized picture frame of your choosing and can be taken to virtually any store to be matted and framed, giving it that final personalized touch.

Here are a few examples of my work:  Digital * Illustration Board * Feathers

Preferred method of payment: --->    Paypal    <---

(it's easy, fast and sign up is free. It's the safest way to make your online purchases using any major credit card or bank account. If you don't have an account with them already, check out their website for further information --> Paypal.com)

Accepted methods:  Money orders, checks (checks must clear the bank before work can begin)

To request an invoice/total price for a commission, please visit the 'Contact' page to the left at the top of the page and send in your comments. Be sure to specify in your message the type & size of commission you're looking to have done, along with short (or detailed) description of what it is you would like to have painted.

The prices listed below are mainly for paintings done of animals and Anthros, i.e. animals with human-like characteristics -- such as werewolves, werecats, werebears, weredogs, weredeer ect.
But I am also willing to create full-bodied digital works and small to medium sized human portraits on Illustration Board, as well as mythical creatures -- such as mermaids, satyrs and elves. Nudity is an option, as long as it is tasteful. For realistic portraits, please provide decently sized photo reference. Small pictures = less detail.


- Digital Commissions -
Status:  (OPEN)

<i>:::art created using digital art programs such as PainterIX or Photoshop CS.:::</i>

Detailed single-character colored commissions with little-no background:  $50.00 US

Detailed two-character commissions with little-no background:  $95.00 US

Multiple-character commissions with little-no background:  $46.00 US per character.

Detailed backgrounds are an additional  $ 75.00 US

PRINTS:  $8.00 US - per print.

Shipping:  $2.00 US 

- Acrylic Commissions | Illustration Board -

Status: (OPEN)

::: pieces painted on cut-to-size illustration board using smooth high pigmented acrylic paints.:::

2.5 x 3.5" ACEOs :  $55.00 US

4 x 5" :  $65.00 US

4 x 6" :  $70.00 US

5 x 5" :  $85.00 US

5 x 7" :  $95.00 US

6 x 6" :  $100.00 US

6 x 8" :  $120.00 US

8 x 10" :  $175.00 US

9 x 12" :  $190.00 US

10 x 13" :  $200.00 US

Shipping:  FREE!

- Acrylic Commissions | Canvas -
Status: (CLOSED)

::: pieces painted on sized canvas using smooth high pigmented acrylic paints.:::


- Acrylic Commissions | Feather Art -

Status: (OPEN)

:::pieces painted on the surfaces of feathers using smooth high pigmented acrylic paints.:::

Small-size feathers, between 1-5 inches  in height :  $75.00 US

Medium-size feathers, between 6-8 inches in height :  $100.00 US

Large-size feathers, between 9-13 inches in height :  $200.00 US

Shipping within the US - 
small feathers:  $2.50 US  * medium feathers:  $5.00 US  * large feathers:  $7.00 US

Combined shipping for multiple commissions available.