My new blog spot! - The Painted Paw

It is very late right now and I am exhausted. But I've been working on this new website layout for a while now and I figured I'd go on ahead and test out my new blog page before I signed out and crawled off to dream land for the night. =^^=
Nifty little things, blog spots. Their kind of fun to make and I'm starting to see how having one of these things can become something of an addiction for some people. Of course, that won't be the case for me. Of course not! At least... I don't think it will be. >.>


Ok! so just like the small description over on the right of the screen states, this is where I will be posting updates for the my website, week-by-week updates on commissions that I'm currently working on, the occassional stray thought, and any other  tidbits of information I feel is of little to no importance to anyone other than myself. Come on, this is a blog spot; it couldn't be called that if I didn't throw in a little mindless banter here and there!

Oh yes, and I might post up some sketches and doodles every now and again as well, if and when the mood strikes me.

But until then...

Chuffs for now!


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